"no!" Snow and ice wind chimes, Ye Yuan, Neuroman and Residual Red Puppet all replied.

"I now order all pets to join the battle and attack the pet department here in Hehedia, attack Tianshui, attack the pet department there in Shuangyi and attack Shuangyi!" Mu Feng smiled and nodded slightly, and then continued to fight the distribution of pets.
Everyone came to put away their pets. At this time, they summoned the ghost emperor in succession. Ancient magic dragon Theseus seemed to be a ghost brake. In ancient magic dragon, Theseus led the ghost emperor, the ghost brake and others to rush over to Tianshui.
At that time, the pet yelling outcry sounded over there, and Tianshui was beaten repeatedly to avoid changes. It was enough for it to suffer from light yoga and Ling Sha. At this time, it came again, and the ancient magic dragon Cassius Tianshui suddenly felt a little overwhelmed.
Don’t command the ghost emperor has acted as the position M here, facing the ghost emperor Hehe Diya, it’s also troublesome to get up. I want to kill the ghost emperor and drive him away, only to find that the ghost emperor’s roots ignore him. When the angry dragon is about to touch the ghost emperor’s body, the ghost emperor will suddenly become illusory, and the angry dragon will paddle past the ghost emperor’s body like a thing, and after waiting for the circle, the ghost emperor’s body will recover and continue to attack him.
At the same time, Hehe Diya also found that these newcomers are very good at attacking. Take the sudden emergence of a thorn spirit and swordsman behind them, and their attack power will not be ignored.
Looking at the ghost brake and Yunling’s attack on Hehe Diya, he is coming back to Mu Feng. He couldn’t help laughing. The ghost emperor team didn’t pull the other seven people except for treatment, but he pulled them all over. The ice and snow wind chimes team Mu Feng also brought the two powerful high attackers, ice and snow wind chimes and leaf kites, to attack Hehe Diya. It can be said that the team with the highest attack power in South China can’t take him, so Mu Feng really has nothing to say.
"Hum, it’s time to add some more material!" Mu Feng glanced at his virtual dragon’s damage accumulation during the running, just thinking that a huge black aperture suddenly appeared on the ground. It was a war maniac. When summoning the war maniac, Mu Feng also quickly hit the bar to this thing. I don’t intend to do it at this time, but I hope it won’t die!
Read the blessing words Mu Feng hand point in the past "ouch ….." Yi Long Xiao from Mu Feng’s side is a skeleton golden dragon! "Sneaking …" Skeleton Jinyinlong’s bone wings were also so fierce that he shook his neck, which was another long whistle than arrogance. "Woo hoo …"
"All right, stop yelling!" Recently, Mu Feng’s two dragons roared to Mu Feng, which made him dizzy. He also quickly yelled at the skeleton gold and silver dragon to stop him from roaring.
"Blare …" War maniac also came out from the call array at this moment.
"Go and attack the distant mountain, too. That gorilla over there will clean it up for me!" Mu Feng ordered the skeleton, the golden dragon and the war maniac.
"Ow ….." Get Mu Feng’s command, the skeleton golden dragon roars and jumps at the distant mountains as soon as it roars, while the war maniac marches towards the distant mountains with a large long bone in his hand.
Tao Tao ears Mu Feng angrily looked at the flying skull, gold, silver and dragon, and just told this guy to stop yelling at it. He actually yelled at the skull, gold and silver dragon, and Mu Feng continued to rush to Hehe Diya, and at the same time continued to issue orders, "Yao Jiu and Feng Dance help pay attention to the skull, gold, silver and dragon blood, and don’t let it die."
Mu Feng dialect just fell in the channel to the mad cow teasing voice "ha Mu Feng jobbery you! Let Yao Jiu and Feng Dance add blood to your skull, gold and silver dragons. "
"Shut up and kill you. I still have the skeleton, the golden dragon!" Mu Feng has come to Hehe Diya’s side at this time and said to the mad cow, Mu Feng is also unwilling to summon the skeleton gold and silver dragon now, but he is worried that the distant mountains over there are not easy to fix, so he issued the order to let Yao Jiu and Feng Dance pay attention to the blood volume of the skeleton gold and silver dragon. In the five treatments over there, he still believes these two people.
After Mu Feng came to Hehe Dia’s side, he didn’t come to cut out a sword. He saw Hehe Dia suddenly put the dragon sword to the ground. The red gem suddenly flashed red and sent out several wind blades along the blade. Mu Feng, the ghost emperor, the ghost brake and others were caught by the wind blade and the damage floated in succession.
Gently pick up the dragon sword, and a little cold flashes in Hehadia’s eyes. Slowly, the dragon sword stands horizontally at the hilt of the body, and the red light continues to surge outward, and it has a red spark and drilled into Hehadia’s body. "I really didn’t expect that you could force me to make 5% of the gods of death run away, so you are ready to die!"
Mu Feng and others were also surprised to hear that Hehe Diya was going to make the death run away to 5%. But this is that Hehe Diya has moved, and Mu Feng, Ghost Emperor and others are also horses. The reaction speed is too fast. Mu Feng and Ghost Emperor just saw Hehe Diya’s sword in their hands, but before lifting Hehe Diya, they came to Mu Feng. Hehe Diya smiled and slashed his sword at Mu Feng.
"Click …" Mu Feng’s chest suddenly appeared a deep dirty mouth "Ah …" Fighting back the pain, Mu Feng stabbed Hehe Dia with his sword, but Mu Feng felt that Hehe Dia had disappeared in front of him and didn’t know where it was.
But for a moment, Mu Feng knew that Hehe Diya was behind him at this time. When this message crossed from Mu Feng’s mind, Mu Feng started the skill "The magic soldier was dazzling …"
Mu Feng’s body movement speed suddenly became so fierce that Gao Xiangqian rushed at it and disappeared in a blink of an eye when he used the magic weapon to dazzle the audience.
"Shout … ……miss" Mu Feng just flicker disappeared behind a sword waving the wind from the ear ring Mu Feng heart immediately jumped to think it’s really let yourself guess this brilliant dia is moved behind him!
In the stealth state, Mu Feng slowly turned his head to the purpose, but still kept slashing the dragon sword to attack Mu Feng’s back.
Cold head hehe Diya looked up at Mu Feng’s stealth position. Although he couldn’t see it, he could feel where Mu Feng was right now after he disappeared. This guy named Mu Feng seemed to know that he would flash behind him. Generally, his horse rushed forward after seeing himself disappear.
Although Hudya is not very clear about how Mu Feng suddenly disappeared, he can certainly feel that Mu Feng’s evasion is intentional.
"Bang … 9665" Hehe Diya was Mu Feng’s evasion and guessed and was surprised that the ghost emperor had already come to him with an impact. Long Yuan suddenly cut a high injury and slowly floated up from Hehe Diya’s head. Look at the resentment in the eyes of Hehe Diya, the ghost emperor around him. "Angry dragon kills …" Hehe Diya said coldly.
"Paz ….." Hehe Dia’s words just fell and the red dragon shadow appeared without warning. The ghost emperor was immediately hit by the dragon shadow and flew back with it. At the same time, there were melee battles such as the ghost brake and Yunling romantic swordsman.
Mu Feng was in a stealth state at this time and moved to Hehe Diya. When Mu Feng saw clearly that the angry dragon was killing, the angry dragon had passed by, but it seemed that the angry dragon killing had no effect on Mu Feng, so he quickly rowed over without taking Mu Feng away. Mu Feng looked at being taken away by the sudden angry dragon killing, and everyone stopped. Mu Feng was considering whether to attack Hehe Diya at this time.
"Hum, I really didn’t expect that Hehe Dia’s skills would be released so quickly after the outbreak …" The moving ghost emperor said coldly, and his speaking figure was like a water wave, and he fell from Nulong to kill and cast his dragon shadow firmly on the ground.
At the same time, when Nulong rushed to kill the ghost brake, it also disappeared in a flash. Mu Feng saw a virtual shadow stealth state. The ghost brake appeared in the place where it had just disappeared, and a face of indifference moved to Hehe Diya. When Mu Feng noticed the ghost brake, Mu Feng suddenly found that Yunling was also lost from Nulong and rushed to Hehe Diya.
Watching from their own 1% with rigidity effect, the angry dragon rushed away from them and rushed towards them. The ghost emperor and Yunling Hehedia were also Zheng. These people were able to get away from their skills, but after a short shock, Hehedia was relieved. If the invisible or illusory units rushed away from them, it was not estimated that they would be such skills.
"Interesting, let me see if you have anything else …" Hehe Dia muttered to himself and then rushed to the ghost emperor. Just after he stepped up, Hehe Dia felt that he was stung by a sword behind him and turned his head fiercely. Hehe Dia saw that he had just disappeared. Mu Feng was attacking himself behind his back at this time.
"Oh, you forgot me," Mu Feng said to Hehe Diya with a sword in his hand.
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Outbreak to strengthen
"no!" Snow and ice wind chimes, Ye Yuan, Neuroman and Residual Red Puppet all replied.
"I now order all pets to join the battle and attack the pet department here in Hehedia, attack Tianshui, attack the pet department there in Shuangyi and attack Shuangyi!" Mu Feng smiled and nodded slightly, and then continued to fight the distribution of pets.