Liu Long seems very satisfied with each other’s actions and turned his head with a smile.

"Feifei Wang, you are the host today. Please follow the specific requirements or you come." Proud Tian is not a vegetarian, although he knows that he must eat something today, but he won’t be stupid enough to take the initiative to gather himself together and give it to others for slaughter.
Feifei obviously didn’t prepare for the other party to be so joking and leng.
Hum, a spent force is still here. If you want me to say it, I will say it. I am so excited when I think of it.
We’ll tell you when we get cheap.
Hum, a spent force is still here. If you want me to say it, I will say it. I am so excited when I think of it.
Since I believe that Aotian Gang is in big trouble, I am not welcome to speak. "Aotian Gang, I think our request is very simple. We can let Aotian Gang stay in Chang ‘an and develop together with us, but we have a simple request that you Aotian Gang voluntarily give up Chang ‘an control."
As soon as my words fell, there was no sound in the whole room
Liu Longchao glanced at me, and I knew he must have said in his heart whether I was crazy or not. I don’t know how little I am if I occasionally beat the proud gang.
Feifei, who is sitting on the most side, is also leng. I don’t know what medicine I sell in the gourd. I can’t say anything when I see that everyone doesn’t talk.
The whole hall was dead silent, and no one spoke. I deliberately sat down and smiled and looked straight at Aotian to see what he could do.
Proud day obviously didn’t expect me to say such a thing at this time when I had killed others, which made him say nothing, and his face was cloudy, sunny and black.
After a while, Feifei smiled and relaxed the atmosphere when she saw that everyone was silent. "What do you think of Proud Master?"
After hearing what Feifei said, they didn’t know what was happening. They looked at each other one by one.
"You are malicious." After a while, Aotian finally failed to hold up. Although the pigs could see that he was angry, he finally gave up.
"Hehe, I’m still proud of Wang’s generosity, so all the players in Chang ‘an thank you, hahaha." I got a big bargain, although I also decided that something must have happened to the proud gang, but I really didn’t expect them to be so happy and promise to come and want to have a tense and tit-for-tat fight.
When they saw that Aotian was so happy, I didn’t know what to say one by one. Aotian and I played this scene in the fog in front of them, and even Feifei was blinded by us.
"Cangshui, I can promise you a request, but you have to promise me a request." Just when everyone finally realized what had happened, they were preparing to celebrate this sudden victory with a big smile, but they suddenly got up and smiled and said to me.
I think this guy has agreed to my request, and now suddenly he wants me to promise him a request. I don’t think there is any kindness. There must be something difficult for me to help him. Otherwise, his weasel from Yangcheng wouldn’t laugh so lewd.
However, since people have promised me so generously, it would be too unseemly to be coy again. Even if there is anything difficult, I can recognize who told me to set myself up as soon as I got there. This is a good set and I put myself in the set.
"Well, you said that if I didn’t violate my principles, if I could do it, if I frowned, I wouldn’t be a man, hahaha."
"Well, I’m proud that I like a frank person like you. It’s not a shame for me to be killed by a frank person like you."
Proud day heard my words and burst out laughing. His smile didn’t matter, and everyone was even more confused.
What? Aotian, the boss of Aotian Gang, was killed by Cang Shui? Even with my toes, I can guess what kind of thoughts and shock these guys will have in their hearts. Although my level is not low, it is not easy to kill a soldier with more than 6 levels and nearly 7 levels. It is estimated that I will have to cut it for nearly a minute if I don’t fight back.
"It was all an accident. You know, you are the boss of Proud Heaven. I guess I have to cut you a few more knives. Haha, who told you to take our Chang ‘an as soon as you came? Where do we put our faces after Chang ‘an players?"
Since the other party is a frank person, I’m not vague. I laughed and replied
Although they didn’t know what happened between us, they all burst out laughing when they knew that the danger was over. It was really unexpected that a crisis that pushed Chang ‘an to the precipice would end in this way.
"To tell you the truth, I really didn’t pay attention to any player in Chang ‘an before I met you. In my opinion, Chang ‘an is backward. It’s a lamb that I can slaughter. It’s a player in Chang ‘an. In front of me, I can beat you out of the water with one toe. It’s not that I really have the strength. I don’t think so in my thick brain, but I don’t think so after seeing you. It’s not that you almost killed me by luck. I’m ashamed that you can be a big brother in so many people’s pursuit."
Proud day said came up to me and stretched out his hand to me.
I held out my hand and held it tightly, and I burst out laughing. Anyway, there is no eternal enemy and no eternal friend in this world. Since there is no opposition between us, it is better to have such a friend than to have more enemies.
"Haha, the best person in Chang ‘an is not me. My gang has only three people. It is a small gang that can be seen everywhere in Chang ‘an." I said with a smile. Anyway, I am telling the truth. Although the overall strength of our guild is few in Chang ‘an, the number of people is indeed more than three.
The negotiation is over, everyone has left their positions and talked with a group of 351 with a smile. I once again became the focus of attention and discussion. Those guys who came with Aotian Gang saw that the two sides had successfully negotiated and quickly integrated into Chang ‘an players.
When they told everyone the almost strange thing about how I killed Aotian, the crowd broke out in amazement again. I looked at everyone’s envy and strange eyes, and my heart was once again so cool that I was a real celebrity. Haha.
"By the way, you haven’t said what you want me to promise you? You don’t want to sell me, let me do some intrigue for you, hahaha. "Now that I’m ripe, I won’t be polite and patted the proud shoulder with a smile. In my opinion, this 67-level malicious character is just like so many clowns in the world, just as straightforward and helpful.
"Ah ha ha you see brother I am such a person? It really hurts me. God is my witness, where can you find such a coolie? How can I be willing to sell you? "
Damn it, Aotian is better than me. It’s only been three or five rounds, and I somehow made him my eldest brother. This boor can’t be underestimated. No wonder he can become the third largest gang leader in China.
"Actually, I want to ask you to do me a favor. There is a little problem in my gang. I hope you can help me through this difficult time." Proud days looked around and found that everyone around them was talking about their own affairs, and no one noticed the two of us. Only then did they lower their voices.
Hey, I knew it. God, you’re so unfair. Why do you give me such a high IQ when you make me look so handsome? What should other people do if they are jealous of me and set me up?
"Ha ha, I knew this for a long time." I smiled mysteriously.
"Ah, how do you know?" Proud to still feel that he is in crisis, no one knows that after hearing what I said, he couldn’t help but take a gasp, but he has seen the world and who hasn’t seen it? Although his appearance is rude, his heart is not thick at all, but it is hard to ponder.
"Ha ha, I see. You guessed what I did, right? I’m still mad. I didn’t expect you to guess all my secret things. It seems it’s too dangerous for me not to kill you back to level 1. Haha"
I’m just a nobody. Is that necessary?
"Ha ha, I don’t think you will. If you would have done this, you would have killed me."
I was shocked and immediately returned to normal. If people wanted to kill me, they would not have been so polite to get Lausch to negotiate. Just send someone to the Ghost Valley to kill me. I can escape outside, but it is much harder to escape in the Ghost Valley.
"Ha ha, then kill me. Anyway, my life is not worth much. You haven’t said what you want me to do." I changed the subject with a smile and told a big gang boss that this topic is really not a good thing.
"Ha ha Cang Shui, you two bosses are here. This time, all players in Chang ‘an have to thank you. You are a great hero, don’t you think?" Just at this time Liu Long don’t know where to come up with a full face of skin to smile don’t smile at me.
This guy really shouldn’t have appeared at this time.
I am so apologetic. "Nothing is really amazing. Isn’t everything under his control?"
Proud day is not as polite or hypocritical as I am. I directly said with a straight face, "Hehe, Wang Liu, I’m sorry. Brother Cang Shui and I still have something to say."
Liu Long accidentally ate a door and had to walk away with a smile on his face.
"Ha ha, go ahead. If you don’t talk about me again, I’m afraid I can’t wait until you say that day."
Proud day pulled me down and whispered, "I want you to come back to Yangcheng with me."
214 Break into the Ghost Valley again
"Go to yangcheng? Is there a riot in the rear? " Although I have long guessed that it was a crisis in the rear, I still can’t help but stare blankly for a while before I lower my voice.
"To tell you the truth, now the four major gangs in Yangcheng have come together. While I took the main force to Chang ‘an, I secretly built a new guild to capture the leaders in Yangcheng."
Proud said with a long sigh, and then continued, "The strength gap between the five gangs in Yangcheng is not very big. Earlier, because I was in Yangcheng, the four of them wanted to get together, but no one dared to come out first. As soon as I left home, it was chaotic."
"In this case, I can’t be lazy. Hehe, we wolves must be with Proud Heaven." Now that we are our brothers, things are my business, and I am duty-bound.
"That’s good, then please help me a lot." A proud day smiled immediately when I agreed.
I finally ended the negotiation. Feifei and I went back to her residence in Changle Valley. As soon as I entered the room, I was shocked by what I saw. This girl really knows how to enjoy it. This is simply a super five-star hotel. I didn’t expect her to fall in Changle Valley and start Wu Zetian. Haha.
I must get a room like this when I have the chance, and enjoy it, otherwise I’m really sorry for my weak figure.
"By the way, Aotian said he wanted you to promise him a request. Did he say what it was?" Feifei asked casually as she took me at the door without moving and laughing and walked inside.
Although Aotian wants me to keep it a secret, I don’t think Feifei is an outsider, but I told Feifei about him, but I didn’t say that in some details. After all, it is enough for Feifei to know what kind of thing it is, and there is no need to know so much.
"Do you already know this thing? I think when you are negotiating, it is simply a matter of eating a proud look. Do you already know what the news is? "Feifei was not surprised at my words. It seems that this girl has long thought of it. Otherwise, a different person would have said something when he heard the news.
"Well, I guess it’s a bit adventurous to think about it now. I didn’t expect this treasure to be bet on the right size. If I didn’t bet on the dialogue, I really don’t know what to do. Haha," I laughed and stopped saying that Proud helped things change the subject skillfully. I have promised Proud now, and it’s a bit bad to say so much.
"Ha ha, I told you, you didn’t say hello to me, which made me nervous. If you accidentally get stiff, I really don’t know what to do. Although we are not afraid of them, there is no need after all. We can get it back from Chang ‘an at this time, but now is not the best time. Do you know what I mean?"
I took a look at Feifei, but I didn’t understand what she meant, but I soon understood that she wanted to get back to Chang ‘an after handling the Jinlong gang. When I thought of it, I couldn’t help but feel a cold attack. I didn’t expect Feifei to have such a plan, but if I think about it, it’s not surprising that anyone in her position would think like this. If I were you, I would have such a plan, too
"Ha ha, I’m white, but it’s good to get it back safely early. Besides, we avoided a big loss, didn’t we?"