Long Yu heard the words and laughed. "What if things are still long and don’t worry?"

"You’re wrong. There’s not much time left for us," the old man explained. "Even if we get the laws of heaven, it’s not that simple to infer a new way to hide the breath. Maybe it’s hundreds or thousands of years …"
"There are still risks …" Yu Long frowned and said, "If you say so, I think you might as well leave this world …"
"No-!" Old wry smile "our breath has been locked by the power of heaven, even if we leave now, it won’t help. Besides, our roots are not going to leave the world."
"Then what should I do? I can’t beat Tianyuan at all, "said Yu Long.
"I know that I asked you to come here …" The old man said, "Xiaoyu wants you to promise to help us and I will tell you my true identity …"
"I think" Yu Long hesitated in my heart.
Again, opportunities and challenges and he has to make a choice.
Rowling hangs her head and doesn’t move. She’s still not angry. She’s busy calculating, hoping to find out the old hiding place.
"I promise-!" Yu Long said.
"Ha ha good … very good you didn’t let me down-!" Old Shen said, "I’m a deity … I’ll let you have the strength to compete with Tianyuan here. Of course, success depends on your luck, your chance and your efforts."
"What should I do now?" Yu Long asked.
"I will let you know what the Force is, and I will teach you how to transport the Force and at the same time bear your purest light force," said the God of Light. "If you can reach our expected strength after bearing it, we will send someone to help you …"
"You?" Long Yu was slightly surprised.
"Well-!" The light statue of God smiled and said, "This matter, Yang Hua, the blood baby emperor, also nodded when necessary, and he will also appear. Of course, it depends on your chance. At the same time, we can’t further exert our great magical powers, otherwise there will be variables in heaven, and it will be even more difficult for us to grasp them."
"I’m white-!"
Yu Long said with a smile, "Now you are trying to deal with Tianyuan. Let me do it for you. It seems that this is a very risky deal."
"In a sense, it is really understandable." The light statue of God laughed. "In fact, if you help us, you will help yourself … Your body has become the most basic force, which has been noticed by Tianyuan. Adding my God’s help to you has aroused his suspicion that you have been killed by others. Your strength is rooted in fighting Tianyuan. Only when you are with us will you have a chance."
"Well, before it’s too late, little girl, you’d better go back to Xiaoyu. I’m in the light tunnel. Now I’ll get through to the light tunnel. You go in," the light statue told God. "Remember not to be careless or not.
Move everything and follow my instructions. "
Hearing this, Rowling hurried into the functional departments of Longyuti to collect data and perform high calculations.
This is indeed a place worth studying for her.
"Go in, don’t hesitate any more …" Before Yu Long spoke, there was a vortex of scattered light.
He raised his head and stepped in without hesitation.
When Yu Long entered the whirlpool, the old voice suddenly said in Long Yu’s mind, "Ready to open your greatest defense force."
When I heard the old saying, I relaxed a little, and suddenly I played an extremely mental body. The Force suddenly blaster out and covered my whole body.
At this time, a strong pressure appeared around Long Yu and warned him before he lost the light. Otherwise, he rushed to cope with it.
Even so, his body is still a little hard to bear the pressure around.
Severe pain appeared in his perception, and his body was squeezed by an overbearing and powerful force. He felt as if he had entered a frenzy.
This violent force can tear him to pieces.
"Go ahead-!" Light honors the sound of god.
Long Yuwen quickly stepped forward as he walked, and the violent tearing force was weakening.
Vaguely, he saw an exit striding in front of him. Yu Long felt that the light pressure suddenly disappeared and the dazzling power around him disappeared
Look up and look around, he has entered a new one
A hazy shadow appeared strangely in front of Yu Long. Seeing that the figure was tall and abnormal, there was a huge coercion and a dazzling light in the whole body. Yu Long could not see his face clearly.
Intuition told him that this person should be the light god.
At the moment, he exudes momentum, which makes Yu Long feel a great pressure and makes him feel breathless.
"Come here, kid …" The figure was gently lifted, and Yu Long felt a huge suction, which made his roots have no room for resistance and instantly appeared at his side.
"You are the God of Light, right?" Yu Long asked.
"Not bad!" The light in the old body disappeared instantly, and Yu Long clearly saw his face, his face was ruddy, his eyes were deep, and his hands were full of power.
"Xiaoyu, now I’ll tell you the mystery of the Force …" With that, God put his hand on his forehead and a golden light suddenly shot into his eyebrows.
At that time, carved Long Yu suddenly felt a little more in his mind, and a clean stream suddenly circulated in his mind for a week.
Yu Long suddenly had a strange feeling that his spirit seemed to have increased a lot.
The God of Light removed his palm and gave Yu Long a deep look. He smiled and said, "I have printed the mystery of the Force directly in your mind, and you can slowly understand it in the future."
Yu Long replied and immediately asked, "When can I defeat Tianyuan …
"I don’t know if it depends on your efforts." Although the light statue of God is dull, it naturally gives a hint of arrogance. "Tianyuan is the one who taught me the blood baby emperor. He is my best brother. If he hadn’t failed to compete for the dominant position in the past, he would have done more than that. You should be careful. You should work hard …"
There is a rare light in the eyes of Shenlong Yu. He never thought that a loser would get what he has achieved today, and he was involved in an unimaginable entanglement.
"What’s on your mind? I hope you don’t live up to my expectations … I really want to see your limited potential."
After a long silence, Yu Long suddenly asked, "God, who are you going to send to help me?"
"Not yet," said Guangzun God. "You have to stay in my Guangdong for a period of time, and then you can decide who will help you after the completion of cultivation and your achievements."
"I won’t let you down," Yu Long said. "I used to be recognized as a loser, so I was ridiculed for ten years. Now that I’ve taken off my hat, I’m going to be a strong one, a really strong one, and I won’t bow my head easily even in the face of heaven."
The light statue of God seemed to tremble slightly after hearing Long Yu’s words for a moment. "Xiaoyu is very good at facing heaven and strength, that is, he must have unyielding spirit and fighting spirit."
I like you … "
The sixth chapter 40 After the phoenix was taken away by the witch god
The queen of forty Zhangfeng was taken away by the witch god.
"But if I practice, I will always be a chess player …" Yu Long sighed. "No matter how powerful I am, I will always break through the monitoring of heaven, right?"
"Maybe?" Guangzun God said, "Heaven has its own rules, but it is very difficult to master them. If someone can master the true laws of Heaven, then he will certainly be successful. There is no end to his journey. If you are willing to work hard and choose the right direction, you can take Xiaoyu to a higher level. Your limited potential is full of expectations for you and me."
"really?" Long Yu eyes emit a trace of confidence with a hint of excitement in the voice asked.
Light statue of god heard Long Yu’s words and smiled and said, "Of course it’s true. I didn’t hide anything from you. Seriously, the future is in your hands."
Long Yudao: "Don’t say that. It’s too heavy. I’m afraid I can’t afford it …"
"That’s the truth-!" The light statue of God said lightly that his face seemed to be slightly frowned. "Xiaoyu, we are now working with Tianyuan. I hope it is in you. Of course, there are some things Tianyuan doesn’t know, otherwise he decided not to continue to be silent."
"Ah, if I didn’t spoil Tianyuan, I wouldn’t let him know the secret of the law of heaven …" The light statue of God said with a sigh.
"Xiaoyu, let me ask you, do you want to be strong in your heart?" Light statue of god suddenly asked
"Of course-!" Yu Long said with anticipation, "I dream of becoming stronger …"