"I don’t know about this, this Youxun sister. I heard my brother say that he had a place to stay in Qinglong City and got a small shop to sell some equipment and barely make a living. I am just a small place. After all, I still know about his situation. When he first entered the game, he was still a rookie who didn’t know anything. Who would have thought that he actually got such a big store!" Absolute arrogance is also very depressed. Being made a fool of yourself in front of your brother, I hate to think that when I see that damn brother, I will see how he will punish me severely. At the same time, I am bare and secretly happy that my brother has made such great achievements. How can life and death buddies not be glad?

"But you didn’t ask us to come here to develop your brother how to arrange us! It seems that he should be rich now, won’t he look down on us then? Also, after so many people settled in Qinglong City, it is estimated that it will be difficult to settle down. We are all strangers and everything depends on your brother … Can you accept so many people? " A knight who looks very steady and has a tight mind dresses up, and the player is worried about speaking his mind.
"Ha ha, don’t I dare not say that my brother, who I know best, will never be the kind of person who forgets the righteousness. Besides, this is still that he asked me to bring my friends around. He is my brother, aren’t you? If Aran really dares to do this, I will spare him lightly." Although Xu Tianping is laughing and laughing, he is still very good at winning people’s hearts at this time to appease the big friends who have been worried about several games.
The player who led the way next to him listened to the absolutely arrogant conversation of several people, and his face was surprised. He secretly guessed, "Who are these people? How do you listen to their voices as if they are the host and friends here? If this is the case, it is an opportunity. Hehe, pull some points with them, and it should not be a problem to apply here."
When I thought of this, I turned my eyes and paid attention to it immediately. "Absolutely arrogant big brother. Oh, by the way, I forgot to introduce my name as Xiaoyao. I’m a thief. I’m here to apply for a job. Hehe, life is rather embarrassing. I can’t find a job here. I heard that I need someone here. Their salary is quite high. Ordinary staff can get more than 3 gold coins every month. I heard that if the job is outstanding, there are bonuses to get. Why don’t you go in with me?"
Xu Tian was stunned by the guy in front of him. How can you know that Xiaoyao carefully said, "Thank you, little brother. This is my brother. He said he wanted me to come. He is how can I ask me to do odd jobs here? Besides, it seems that I can’t bring so many friends here!"
"Ah, Brother Arrogant turned out to be the owner’s brother. That’s great. You have to help me at that moment. I really need this job. In reality, I am a poor man who can take the opportunity to come to the game to make some hard money. Brother Arrogant, you have to help me!" Free and unfettered, a small look at the strategy succeeded, and quickly climbed up the pole to seek absolute arrogance and a little sympathy
"Ha ha, don’t worry. When I see my brother, just put in a good word for you. I don’t think this should be a problem, but you have to do what you should do." There is nothing to say behind the absolute arrogance, but I promised to others before I came, and finally I swallowed my words and felt happy. I didn’t know that I would be quietly placed by others.
"That’s good. Thank you so much for your arrogance. I’m happy and carefree. I’ll rely on my eldest brother to take care of me. I’ll be there when I need it." Although I’m not a trunk tree, I have nb brothers. It seems that this application should be no problem. I’m happy and happy and kowtowing to Xu Tianyi.
It’s too early to say these things, and it’s not too late to see the real owner talking, isn’t it, little brother? There is also that no matter who wants to have a better job, they need to work hard on their own, or they will lose it if they get it. "
Being overwhelmed by the wind, I can’t help but feel happy. My little face can’t help but get hot. Then I nodded and said, "This eldest brother said that I want to have an opportunity to do things. It’s just an opportunity for me to have confidence in doing a good job."
"Hehe, maybe I’m a little heavy. Please don’t take it amiss, little brother." Seeing Xiaoyao’s face embarrassed and people frankly admit that it may be that they think too much, so it’s not good to say anything.
"Well, let’s not think too much here. We’re all at home. Let’s go in and see how well my brother is getting along." Xu Tianyi greeted everyone with a smug face and took the lead in forgetting the gate, but he forgot that the equipment shop with the wind is very popular now. Everyone is waiting in line to get in and out of their place. Can others be happy?
Besides, isn’t that there are four big burly guards with knives? How can you make others trespass and bump? Just when they get to the door, they are stopped by the four guards with knives. "Please queue up consciously when you check into the store. This is the rule. Didn’t anyone tell you that?" Please leave the queue quickly and don’t cut in line, you know! "
Looking up at the four guards, Xu Tianke didn’t dare to really break in. If he was killed by his brother in front of his brother’s door, he would really cry without crying.
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Chapter one hundred and twenty Brothers meet
Since you can’t barge in, you can say carefully, "I’m sorry, we’re not here to buy things. I’m here to find someone to trouble this big brother. Can you call the owner of this store for me? I’m his brother and the owner here told me to find him!"
"I’m sorry my host is not here. If you are really a host friend, please come back when the host comes back. No one can enter or leave at will without the owner’s consent. I can’t help you. Please leave quickly." The straight guard is worthy of being a soldier and loyal to his duties. Although it is np, it is no different from ordinary players.
"Well, how long has your master been away? When can you come back?" Don’t give up for a long time. It’s still about negotiating with a knife guard and asking for some information.
"It’s been a long time since the host left, and when he will come back is not for us to ask, and advise you to leave quickly, so as not to get in the way and affect others’ shopping," a guard warned stiffly.
"Then call out the manager in the store. Maybe your shopkeeper told him we were coming when he left!" The next best thing is that since bare is not there, you can learn to manage things here. Maybe he will know when bare will come back.
"This …!" A guard’s expression is a little loose. After all, people are looking for a master. If they really offend their host friends, it may be a little bad. Well, the four of them looked at each other and exchanged opinions. Finally, the first guard said, "Well, wait for me to go in and ask you if the master really has a confession."
Then he turned and walked into the door to find a housekeeper or shopkeeper.
Lan Yixuan this short time can make him tired and miserable. The shopkeeper of the equipment store in the wind not only has to go around selling matters and murder, but also has to manage all kinds of goods and channels. It is always rewarding to pay for the back of the head. Looking at the gratifying achievements in front of him, he is full of joy and finally lives up to his words.
Giving such a big store to himself is a great help to realize his dream. Besides, he also promised that he would have his own share in the future, and he is taking care of it himself. At this time, he is calculating today’s income and expenditure with the housekeeper Wang to see how much he can earn today.
The two men were lying on the counter scratching their heads. At this moment, the outside guard knocked at the door. Lan Yixuan wondered that knocking at the door usually kept outside. The guard never easily left his post and entered the room. What happened today?
"What’s not keeping order outside?"
"It’s reported that there are several players who claim to be the main brothers outside and want to see the master. I told them that the Lord is not waiting for the master to come back, but they still want to see the shopkeeper here if they don’t leave!" The guard straight face is meticulous replied.
"Oh and this thing? Why didn’t you listen to the wind? Has Boss Awang told you? " Lan Yixuan shouted at Awang who was still busy there.
"I don’t know if I heard from my master that I have a brother, but it seems that he is not a player in Qinglong City." Awang replied casually without looking up and continued to get busy
Lan Yixuan was not sure whether it was the boss or the brother outside the door. Looking at the guard at the door, he was still waiting for instructions. When he frowned and walked towards the door, he said to the guard, "Come with me and have a look!"
Yan ran at this time, I was in a very happy mood, and my heart confessed that sharing things finally dissipated. I was worried about the unnecessary things. A pleasant expression naturally appeared in my face, blushing, blushing, ruddy and slightly meager. My lips were not only beautiful but also very attractive.
Bare, with his head down, stared at the beauty in front of him, longing for deep intoxication and early smile. He compiled a gentle village and couldn’t extricate himself. Bare, at this moment, his heart was full of nothing to think about. I hope that no one will disturb my lover at this moment and have a good time together.
Being unruly and bare, he can never recover to him. Emotional idiot. He just looks straight at the beautiful woman in his chest, and there is no action meaning. Lying in bare arms, he feels the heartbeat of his heart and enjoys the warmth of his lover’s heart. He is very satisfied and intoxicated. She feels that two burning eyes fall straight on her face and inadvertently look up. She has just recovered to normal, and her face is immediately covered with rosy clouds. It is like the rosy clouds in the evening, closed and flexible, as if she can talk, and her eyes look so lovely.
The man is bare and thick-skinned, although he is full of fever, but he is not so shy as to give up his arms. The beauty can avoid a smile and then return to her face to secretly despise what he is afraid of. This is his girlfriend. What’s so shy!
Looking at Yan Ran’s nervous expression and listening to the pounding heartbeat, I know that this last card still needs to be played by myself. Besides, at this time, Yan Ran’s design is so beautiful, smooth and smart, with closed eyes and slightly twitching lips. In any way, it is absolutely attractive.
If a normal man can’t resist this temptation unless you are … Which is another matter? When bare, men are absolutely moved by men.
Slowly bow your head and your heartbeat will accelerate at this moment. I am very nervous. Even when I face the horrible boss, I didn’t think that I am so nervous now. I am 3 inches closer and closer, waiting for myself to pick up my red lips, and I am slowly letting go of my feelings. I am about to end my first kiss and give it to my favorite person.
Just as bare had just touched Yan Ran’s rosy and attractive red lips, an untimely ring interrupted this warm moment, and she was immersed in tension. She was awakened by the sudden call of bare body and suddenly pushed her heart as if the frightened rabbit had left bare arms with a red face.
If you want to say when bare is unhappy, it is that the taste of your lover has been interrupted by that annoying bell and put on you. You are not angry! At this time, bare is very depressed and unhappy. If the caller is in front of him at this moment, it is estimated that he will definitely kill him and vent his anger. But bare is doomed to disappointment. The wicked man is far away from him, but he just wants to vent and can’t find an object. Why not go to Yan Ran? He won’t go if he is killed!