"Here ~" just came out from the lineup and waved not far away. This guy is competent enough to bring a deputy every day.

"The president will be good!" "Flying boss is good!" A group of guild members greeted me warmly when they saw me coming.
"Ha ha brothers! Ready to be vice president of killing God? "
"Yes, boss Feiyang, do you want to bring it?" A guy asked with a face of expectation.
"Go ~ don’t think it’s cool enough for me to bring it?" Strong criticise a kick toward that guy in the past.
"Hey, hey!" The guy quickly retired smirked and replied that a group of guys around him also laughed.
"Ha ha, I don’t have something to do with the vice president of killing God now."
"What’s the matter?" Qiangyi heard that I had something to do and waved everyone aside.
"Nothing. I just got a pet egg. God beast’s pet egg feels just right for you. I sent it to you when I was young."
"God beast? Shit ~ where did you get it? How can you always get these things? " Strong a listen to a god beast tiger eyes a stare half surprise with half jealousy call way
"Ha ha, this is called a person! There is no way to copy! "
"I go to ~ eggs? Bring it! " Strong depressed reach out your hand.
Smiling smugly, I took out the pet egg of the Dark Unicorn. When I saw this dark giant egg, I immediately took it away and hatched it directly.
A few seconds later, a little thing as dark as a local dog appeared at his feet and grinned at me ~ "Shit, but I found you out of your mother’s stomach and dared to grin at me!"
"God beast is so ugly? Dark. Are you the little black brother? Then I will call you black! " I looked at the little thing with a look of disgust ~ "Damn it ~ I told you, you can’t get good things by your poor people ~ poor little black ~"
"You know a fart ~ anything else? If you have anything good to give, bring it. If you don’t have it, we can go to practice this little guy. "
"Go away ~" I stared unceremoniously
Qiang took the deputy to Xiaohei, and that guy is also taking his fourth army deputy. Everyone has something to do, but I’m too lazy to think about things that I can’t figure out!
In more than an hour, the single deputy department will finish calling the team, and the deputy will finish the evening line first. Let’s go to the snow-capped mountains.
It took me two hours to get a lot of gold-level and epic-level suits and components together again. I didn’t bother to throw them directly into the guild warehouse. Senior cadres and widows will handle the need, and senior cadres have the ability to lead the deputy, single and deputy, but I can get a lot of equipment and donate it to the guild warehouse. It’s no problem to exchange the contribution value directly.
It’s only four o’clock when the deputy is finished, and there are still three hours when the line is running. Well, we have to find something to do. Anyway, it’s okay to go directly to the snow mountain. By the way, let’s see how the leveling of the three people in the snow mountain is going.
Going to the snow-capped mountains is likely to bump into that guy Lasseur. We have to take Saddam Hussein and Christina. I don’t know if she has taken care of things, but she is also our dragon magician’s mount partner. I can’t do it if I’m always away!
Back to the headquarters of Black Dragon City, Saddam Hussein, who was still sunbathing, was arrested and rode this guy directly out of the city from Black Dragon City to the big snow mountain in the north. I don’t know how far it is.
Saddam Hussein, as soon as he got out of the Black Dragon City, seemed to be very cool and instantly changed back to the size. Yi Long Yin seemed to be releasing depression in the city.
"Is it cool to come out?"
"Of course, it’s too uncomfortable in that broken city ~"
"Hey hey, it’s hard not to be presumptuous, isn’t it?"
"Hum, I’m too lazy to bother those humans for your sake!" Saddam Hussein is very arrogant replied
"I depend ~ your ya don’t brag will die? Ya scared like a dog when he saw those giant crossbows and magic crystal cannons. Now he knows to shout ~ cut the crap and fly to the big snow mountain as quickly as possible. "
"Hum, you can’t deprive me of my hobby! By the way, why did you go to the big snow mountain? Terry Snow Mountain is not a good place, and Lasseur seems to live there. There are so many guys in the Snow Mountain that even the elders of the clan don’t want to go there casually. "
"hmm? What’s in that snowy mountain? Dragon elders dare not go casually? Presbyters should all have holy power, right? Lasseur can live there. Why don’t you elders dare to go? "
"Because of the environment, Lasseur is a frost dragon, where the strength can rise a lot. There are some special dragons. Like Frost Dragon, Diamond Dragon and Lei Long, they all like to find a place that is most suitable for them to stay. Other dragons live in the Dragon Mountain, and the dragon will not reject any attribute of the dragon mountain environment."
Chapter 369 Sloan Oasis
All the way, Saddam Hussein flew at the fastest speed, and soon passed through the grassland in the north of the Black Dragon City and turned into a desert.
There are still many leveling teams in the grassland, including some people in our guild, but there are no leveling teams in the desert, even less in the desert.
After flying for more than 20 minutes, it is already a sight of yellow sand, except for the majestic snow-capped mountains in the distance.
There seems to be nothing strange in the desert, but this is not the real situation. There is never a shortage of creatures in the desert, such as scorpions, centipedes, ants and many other things, which are usually hidden in the sand.
After flying into the desert for almost half an hour, I saw an oasis. I didn’t expect there to be an oasis in it! And if I’m not mistaken, it seems that there should be a house ~ someone living in that oasis! ?
Isn’t there some novice villages left in the mainland except several major cities and the imperial city? Why do people still live here?
Strong curiosity drives us to visit the oasis. Maybe there will be some special gains in such a strange place ~ I commanded Saddam to fly to the oasis. One minute later, I came to the oasis, indicating that this is Sloan Oasis, but it seems that our arrival, or Saddam’s arrival, has caused riots here, which seems to have caused panic.
Roughly, this oasis is not small, it should be nearly one kilometer. There is a wall piled up by earth and stone in Fiona Fang, but this wall is estimated to be able to block ordinary livestock in reality! There are dozens of earth-rock structures around this wall.
During my observation, nearly a hundred np people with various weapons have gathered in this ~ well, let’s call it the village. These people’s strength is really not low. They are all level 5, and the highest level has reached level 75. But it seems that these people have a look of death on their faces, and among these people, I actually saw a giant crossbow ~ What are you doing? I’m not asking for anything. Do you have to do this?
"Please don’t be nervous, everyone. I didn’t mean any harm. I just came here out of curiosity. There was absolutely no harm." Qi flurry ordered Saddam not to attack me and directly deviated from Saddam to expose myself to the people in the village. Maybe they did this because they saw Saddam.
I was shocked when I saw an imaginary wing hanging in the middle behind me. A man who looked about 40 or 50 years old with a huge sword came out of the crowd. This guy was the highest ranking guy in the group, 75. This guy looked up at me and asked, "Are you an adventurer?"
"Yes, I am an adventurer from the Black Dragon City of Langluo Empire."
"From the imperial black dragon city? Is the Black Dragon City still there? " The man was surprised and asked the people around him. It seems that these people think that the Black Dragon City should be gone.
"Well, of course the Black Dragon City is still there. Haven’t you ever been out?" I asked doubtfully.
"We really haven’t left this respected adventurer for a long time. Are you a magician? Is that black dragon your partner? "
"But I am a magician, well, it should be said that I am a dragon magician. His name is Saddam Hussein, and he is my partner. I really mean no harm. You are not so nervous. You should know very well that your roots won’t have a chance if I want to attack them." I said with a smile.
The speaking man seems to be thinking and finally seems to agree with me. "Powerful adventurer, your strength is really beyond our ability to fight. Is there anything we can do for you?"
"Can I go and drop in anytime? I wonder why you don’t leave here and go to the city. "
"But your dragon partner ~" The man looked at Saddam hesitatingly and seemed worried.
"Don’t worry, I ordered it not to move casually."
"All right!" The man replied and waved. Most of the people around him left, and the remaining two stayed with him.
Slowly landed on the ground, let Saddam also land, stayed outside the fence and came to the three men. I smiled and said, "I’m sorry for causing some misunderstanding just now."
After talking, np looked at him and found that this guy’s face was surprised and then changed to surprise, suddenly and so on. I was puzzled. Is this guy practicing changing his face?
"respect the wise duke, please forgive us for offending just now!" The man suddenly panicked and bowed deeply to me.
Hmm? This guy doesn’t even know that Black Dragon City is still there? How do you know the wise man and the duke?
"Well, it was just a misunderstanding. I just want you to know that I really mean no harm. Don’t worry about it."
"Dear wise man, my name is Brent and I am the captain of the guard here."
"Hello, Captain Brandt."
"Dear wise duke, can you go with me to see Bishop Weiss? I think Bishop Weiss will be very happy to see you. "
"Bishop Weiss?"
"Yes, Bishop Weiss is the most respected person in our oasis and our leader."