Flying elder brother observed a "this guy is a master before the announcement! That thin monkey Aofa is also careful! "

Ye Feng smiled contemptuously. "To tell you the truth, you really don’t have the honor. I’m afraid I’ll blind your dog eyes!"
Then Ye Feng shouted "Drink the potion! Kill! "
The words sound just fell, and a golden Se light shield and a green Se thorn shield landed in Ye Feng and Pojun, respectively. At the same time, Ye Feng and Pojun started to obliquely insert separately and rushed to Huoyun Ahriman.
"attack!" The fire clouds and evil spirits made the soldiers rush forward and behind, and the mage sang a big fireball, and the arcane missiles flew all over the sky and struck Ye Feng with arcs.
Pojun Wu Yue stood up his shield and shook the bull Wang Dun. By pulling out a shield shadow, he first flew to a whole arcane missile department and was bounced back by the shield. Unfortunately, Pojun and Wu Yue only just got started in understanding the sky wall. If it were the rain and wind at night, he could have accurately turned the spell attack against the caster.
Then ding-dong rang-
"Ding, members of your team are attacked by members of the fire cloud evil spirit team. You can defend them in self-defense. When you defend yourself in self-defense, killing the other team members for 15 minutes won’t get evil value."
"extremely freezing rain!" Ye Feng just shouted out one ice hockey after another, surrounded by Ye Feng and Pojun Wu Yue. More than 20 knight soldiers all fell into the range of extreme ice and rain. A large area of 15 injuries floated and the blood volume screamed.
Ye Feng didn’t sing a sound in his heart, and it was compressed to 24 seconds when he cast the spell for 3 seconds.
Fire cloud Baal nasty "nima how can have such a high damage damage magic! Pastor treatment! Mage hunter high damage skills! "
A piece of white light shines at 50 or 60 o’clock one by one, and the healing magic keeps flashing in the melee heads of the three major guilds. Because of the disparity in numbers, the three major guilds are surrounded and killed, and there are not many professions equipped with healing professions. Moreover, their equipment is not as good as that of Xia Yumo, and the therapeutic effect is only half that of Xia Yumo.
Tang Weiwei’s extremely icy rain hurts 15 points every two seconds. Their pitiful therapeutic amount can’t stop the constant blood loss. The melee fighters took out low-level instant irrigation in the ice fog. At this time, Pojun and Wu Yue continued to hold up two shield shadows, which were also attacked by secret magic and flashed with various Se rays. The arrows were both in Ye Feng.
With such a large density, it is impossible to cover the attack and want to hide it. Ye Feng’s physical defense and magic defense are outrageous. After drinking various magic resistance drugs, he suffered more than a dozen attacks, and his blood volume dropped by more than 170 points. Pojun Wu Yue was miserable. Xia Yumo and ten drunkenness treatments kept brushing his blood volume at 5%.
Ye Feng poured a bottle of instant soul-binding tomahawk, waved 29, 27, crit 62, and 321, and swept out four melee attacks with less than half blood. Qi Qi was killed by seconds, and Ye Feng’s lost blood was also instantly returned to full.
Flying elder brother Zhuo Tehran, several long-range mobile attacks were devastated by extreme ice and rain, and the melee was almost hung in less than ten seconds when more than 20 melee were left with five still attacking slowly with a suit of ice armor.
The fire cloud evil face Se became extremely difficult to see. At that time, he watched Ye Feng slaughter a team of 30 people with a bonfire. Otherwise, he didn’t expect to change 300 people, and the scene was not strong enough. He hurriedly ordered the stealth thieves to attack.
Ye Feng’s eyes swept the floor, and the corners of the mouth of the fallen weeds raised a disdainful sneer. The figure flashed through those struggling melee foreheads, and suddenly a purple Se light suddenly appeared in the middle, just like a purple Se sector, which instantly enveloped the fifteen yards in front of Ye Feng, revealing a thief figure one by one.
Pojun rushed two steps in situ spin a sweep will five residual blood melee seconds off slightly sideways to flash off an arrow just to Ye Feng cast cast cast eye art scene panoramic mouth a wide excited shouted "damn it! Tripod boy! "
Chapter one hundred Fly knife and see fly knife (explosive more activities)
Ye Feng looked coldly at more than 30 thieves who showed their figure and whispered, "Let the dogs go in the stream!"
Ji Xiaoxiqiao’s face turned red and ordered the White Wolf Emperor to swish out. The perfect white hair blinked and turned into ice blue. Se held his head and spit out a huge ice hockey. Unfortunately, a night thief was hit by the huge impact of the ice hockey and flew up to the forehead, causing 731 injuries and falling to the ground.
A group of thieves were stunned by the damage of more than 700 points, but they didn’t respond. The ice cones on the top of their heads fell rapidly, and they were as dense as bullets.
24, 267, 229, 223 It’s very pleasing to see the red Se injury floating in the ice blue Se cold.
The White Wolf Emperor’s skill of ice and snow disaster is ten seconds. One wave of ice cones hits the weak thieves’ bodies for two seconds, and more than 200 points of terrorist damage can be done. There is no chance to treat the ice cones before the third wave. More than 30 thieves are nailed to the ground.
"MD what is this pet? How can you also range magic? "
Fire cloud Baal heart with gas eye canthus Yu crack, it was less than a minute when melee destroy thieves group left 20 people and the other side in addition to rush in front of the two melee was knocked out a little blood loss.
"Pencil necked! Range magic! "
The fire cloud evil spirit roars all over, and the fire element in the staff gas rushes to the top of the staff. Ye Feng just wants to start the soul-binding skill to anchor him, and he sees a black light passing over the fire cloud evil spirit body, and a layer of stone armor spreads from his feet and instantly becomes a stone man!
It’s a petrified stare in the ink!
The pencil necked’s heart was in a hurry, and his lips wriggled. When the magic was about to be sung, he suddenly felt a gust of wind behind his head, and then his brain buzzed, and he was knocked unconscious by the rain sleep sap. His figure flashed in front of the pencil necked. "So arrogant, you are strong, so rubbish!" Say that finish LanYuMian body suddenly rotating two rescue deformation druids eyes left a mass of black Se image chopping out the knife to do.
Cutting, backstab! 271, crit 472!
The pencil necked was caught in the rain and fell to the ground with a dagger.
"DOG beware of thieves!" A little vine skill with a staff of ten drunkards will keep the thief who attacked Xia Yumo in place.
Twenty thieves left in the three major guild alliances appeared one by one, holding a big stick and smashing it at Yunmengze for a long-distance career. Ye Feng Ling jumped to hide two roaring ice bombs before landing, and he threw his soul-bound tomahawk and poisoned dagger into his backpack. Then he turned his wrist over and his left and right hands each added five flying knives, and his feet fell forward. His wrist suddenly shook ten flying knives in a row and excited her to come out of the knife. Suddenly, in the middle of the way, she changed lines to disperse the thief holding the big stick.
Flying knives are faster than in a blink of an eye. Ten thieves screamed and their sap skills were interrupted.
A group of players in the three major guild leagues were frightened and inexplicable, and their faces were incredible. Se’s ten flying knives actually fell, and it was dazzling and weird. How could it be done?
"Surprised? I am afraid it is not enough! "
Ye Feng sneered at a right hand and buckled the five-handle flying knife in place with one foot and one spinning arm. With a wave of his hand, the flying knife was no longer a straight line attack, but it was like a revolving knife rotating and brushing the thief’s neck. The thief players were all cut by the flying knife without exception.
Ten thieves who were previously hit by flying knives hung up miserably. J and NG iron flying knives attached attacks have more than ten o’clock plus Ye Feng’s xing bonus. Almost every attack has more than one hundred and sixty points. Most of these thieves’ levels are less than three hundred thin leather armor defenses. How can they survive two consecutive flying knife attacks in Ye Feng?
There were fifteen flying knives before and after, and two flying knives killed ten thieves, causing the remaining ten thieves to be half-bloody. This is an appalling thing, which is even more acceptable to everyone. It is the second time that five flying knives were issued and attacked twenty thieves. This is a game, not a reality. Even if it is a reality, I have never heard of anyone who can transport flying knives to such an unpredictable realm.
"Brother Tuoba is so handsome!" Meng Mei’s infatuation has dropped.
"I āo! What’s going on here? Nima disadvantages! "
The players of the three major guilds have collapsed. They really can’t accept the fact that if Ye Feng is given a backpack and a flying knife, wouldn’t his skill of reaching the peak be a natural enemy?
"Cheat your sister!" Tang Weiwei recovered from the shock and a black beam directly killed the tucao player.
It turns out that I’m not handsome, I’m fascinated, my heart is stirring, and I can’t get back to yelling, "Fly knife in hand! God I have! "
"The boss is mighty!" Pojun and Wu Yue are also excited, and they are thinking, how many younger sisters should they have if they can do the same skill?
At this time, the players of the three major guild alliances stopped attacking and stood still.
In less than two minutes, 300 people versus 11 people, the other side only put two magic ranges and several flying knives. As a result, more than 50 thieves were killed in their own melee, leaving a half-blood crippled group. Even the long-range hunter and druid were killed by the other mage hunter. Half of the mage group let a poison-quenching assassin lose more than a dozen two captains and vice captains in a few seconds, but the other side was still injured. How can this be played?
Fire cloud Ahriman petrochemical effect disappeared, staring at the corpse lying all over the floor, and the superiority of the body master was broken.
Ye Feng, holding a flying knife in his hand, mocked at the fire cloud and said, "The three major guild alliances are really daring. Do 300 people dare to speak out and kill us?"
"Today, we recognize this account and go back with you as brothers!"
Ye Feng sneer at a way "want to go? Leave a piece of equipment! Kill them all! "