Is Servan really a Berserker, who makes the magic road summon monsters to fight?

Ye Yu didn’t expect this at first, and the form changed again. Knowing that Flandora was actually a Berserker, the possibility of being raided and attacked by the enemy Servan was greatly increased.
Although Flanders are not really like Berserker, they are still in a passive position.
On his way back to Einz Belem Castle, Lu Yeyu thought so.
"At this time … how can there be children?"
Suddenly Alice Phil around said Ye Yu slightly one leng looking back to his wife.
"Where are the children?"
The murderer has not been brought to justice because of the terrorist serial murder in dongmu city. Although the police have repeatedly comforted the people, the whole dongmu city is still shrouded in great panic.
Although it is not too late now, the street is quiet and there is no one to see.
It is obviously unreasonable that there are children running around the street at this time.
"Do you want to go with me in that direction?"
Alice Phil asked Ye Yu gently nodded, and three people walked in the direction pointed out by Alice Phil.
Alice Phil is not mistaken. It is indeed a child who is still wandering in the street at this time.
And this child is also a familiar person to Ye Yu. She is Tohsaka Rin, the former sister of Sakura.
Tohsaka Rin is very clear about what winter wood market means at night.
Including father, seven magicians are at war.
At night, the streets lurk deadly and weird threats.
Knowing a certain truth has added a sense of responsibility to my heart.
Today, my friends didn’t come to learn the piano sound.
The class leader said that she was sick at home, but the class rumor was not so.
Even if the wind calls her home, the other parents will not pay attention to the wind.
Nowadays, the law of child abduction in Dongmu City is solved by simple search activities. Even if the police are reported, it is difficult for the children to come back. School teachers, relatives and friends of Qinyin must not realize this.
Qinyin has always trusted Lin to help her when she was bullied by the class boy or when the librarian forced her to work. It is a pride for Lin to be trusted and respected by her classmates. "Always be elegant"-every time you help her, it is a good opportunity for Lin to practice family training.
Now Qin Yin must be waiting for Lian to save her.
With this in mind, Tohsaka Rin slipped out of his home alone and embarked on the road of searching for his good friend in the middle of the night.
Chapter 1 Adventures in Tohsaka Rin
It’s been a long time since the winter wood night air. The cold breath in winter just burns like the skin cools down.
Lin naively thought that it would be nice if we could find the piano sound before the last bus, but that would not be enough in two hours.
"It’s so quiet …" At the moment, it’s still walking alone in the wide street of Dongmu City. It should be a bustling night market, but it’s as silent as death.
Always investigate Xindu first. If you go to Shenshanmachi, the magic pointer will keep pointing to Yuansaka Mansion, and if you go there, your father is likely to find out.
After opening the magic pointer cover, the wind was stunned by the pointer reaction.
"… what is this?"
At ordinary times, the needle is slightly shaken, but it is spinning rapidly at the moment. For the first time, she saw this phenomenon, and the needle behaved like a small animal disorder, which immediately cast a shadow over her heart.
Looked down at the hands of magic pointer winds to draw the air conditioning.
The pointer is motionless. It seems to be frozen and points to the sounding direction.
“ ` ` w w w 8
There’s something there, something that gives off strange magic.
Isn’t that what you’re looking for?
It’s a good start to find a clue so quickly. Lin intends to find suspicious places in Xindu to confirm the position of the piano one by one, and the first place has been found by himself.
Ok, then go and see what’s there
In Tohsaka Rin discovered when to follow the girl, Ye Yu and others also discovered something.
"It’s a coincidence that the original also let you escape."
Feeling the familiar magic fluctuation in the air, Ye Yu slowly narrowed his eyes and revealed a cold smile.
"Is it Caser?"
Alice Phil, who also feels strange magic fluctuations, asked
"Yes, it’s Caser’s magic mistake."
Ye Yu nodded his head and followed the front Tohsaka Rin into the dark room.

It’s dark, dark, dark. That’s what Lin Lian saw in front of her eyes. Lin Lian vaguely seemed to hear crying.
Sound so familiar … Some terrible pictures passed in my mind, and I continued to look down at the compass in my hand.
Pointer settled straight at the depths of the dark room.
The local bar seems to have been abandoned, but it is generally waiting for its owner to develop it.
"hiss ~ ~" strange sound up like a snake crawling winds feel a chill over the body.
"Qin Yin, are you there?" Summoning up courage, I shouted that the immature sound seemed to go far in the dark.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, absolutely not, don’t …"
Something came from the depths of the corridor, breathing as if there was a breath on my face.
Crying is weak, like dying, groaning, singing and smelling of blood …